Hello and welcome to our site! We are desportfanaat.nl. We want to help customers from sport products with information about the products. We really like sport and we hope we can give a lot of people information about a healthy life. We try to put a lot of information in our Blogs about different kinds of sport products, but if you still have any questions, you can always e-mail to info@desportfanaat.nl!


We are a site that uses affiliate marketing. We give information and in exchange we get a part from the sell. If you are a company that has a affiliate marketing program here are a few things we can guarantee:

  • Daily blogs about your products
  • Long blogs with info.
  • true information
  • customers from the Netherlands

We are also available at social media where we promote your product even more. If you want to work together or you have any questions. You can always mail us: info@desportfanaat.nl!